Combat level 122
Other names Amatersan,Amen Tryst,Amen Thryst, Zezimi-sama
Started playing 2007
Known for Mostly for being humble and polite towards his friends and sometimes other people

Tsumizuge (currently known as Amatersan) is a RuneScape player skiller who started playing in early 2007. As of 17 March 2012 he has an overall level of 2,027.

RuneScape career

He first started playing RuneScape when he saw someone else playing the game. He has completed all quests, the first time being at Level 103, completing The Void Stares Back. He claims that he 'is one of the few, or otherwise the only one, who has completed all the quests without a 99 (at that time) and have only barely met the requirements.'

From that, he also mentioned that he finished Nomad's Requiem at Level 103, claiming that he 'completed it with medium stats, no 99s.' As of March-April 2012, he has obtained 99 Cooking and Firemaking and 5 90s (including Cooking and Firemaking) - Attack, Constitution, Cooking, Firemaking and Strength. His worst skill is Runecrafting, stuck at level 67.

He is also ranked General in the clan "Apocalypse Slayers".


  • 96 Herblore (or 91 Herblore with boosts) to make overloads.
  • 92-95 Prayer
  • Completing the Fight Kiln
  • Getting the Chaotic Rapier
  • Getting the Lucky divine spirit shield
  • 99 Dungeoneering
  • 99 Woodcutting
  • 99 Fletching
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