Tune in RuneScape

Tune is an Old-School RuneScape player who started playing in February 2001. Tune chose his name due to his passion for music. His favorite music genres are Techno, Old-School Hip-Hop, PsyTrance & Rock.

Tune was ranked the best free-to-play player in his country, Malta, on RuneScape Pre-EOC in 2008 holding a total level of 1033, until he decided to become a member. In RuneScape Pre-EOC, He was usually found in world 84, running around, skilling, wearing Full Wicked set, Magic Secetaurs and Zamorak Book.

Tune's goal was to achieve the emote "Air Guitar" in RuneScape, eventually after a lot of hard-beating quests, he got his achievement of 500 songs.

Tune Quit RuneScape in September 2012

Tune is back playing Old-School RuneScape since it's release, he said that it was one of his greatest birthday presents, his birthday being on the 23rd of February and the release of Old-School being on 22nd February. He is usually found in world 373. Tune gathers most of his resources himself to enjoy most of the content of the game.

Tune's Achievements

Quest Cape in 2014 at a combat level of 85. 99 Woodcutting by cutting almost 73,000 Yew Logs from 60-99 Woodcutting. 99 Fletching 99 Cooking Phoenix Pet (98 Firemaking) 99 Firemaking on 5th May 2017 Thieving Pet (60 Thieving)

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