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Total level 2715
Combat level 138
Other names Activities
Nationality American
Started playing Middle 2006
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TyA is a RuneScape player, more known for being an administrator on the RuneScape Wiki than for his RuneScape account. He did try to quit RuneScape completely during 2012, but decided to come back as he always seems to do.

Friend Chat history

TyA joined Someone's friend chat in 2009. He made his way to becoming a General of the clan, and has remained semi-active in it ever since, even after it moved to Agile Relic's friend chat. TyA has been more active in it once it has moved back to Someone's friend chat.

Clan Chat History

After Jagex remade the clan system, TyA joined Someone's clan chat, but after a few days left it to join the RuneScape Wiki's Clan, where he is an administrator. After a few months, TyA joined the Fast SC's clan and was ranked Captain, and remained there for a few months. Eventually TyA had to leave the clan due to being unable to meet the clan's activity requirement. After leaving the Fast SC's clan, TyA went back to the RuneScape Wiki's Clan, and remains there to this day. However, he can be occasionally spotted in various other Clan Chats as a guest.

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