Well lets start of username is Tz-tok-Kris i personally like to be called Kris. I begain in early 2006 and yes i did witness the falador massacre I first made an account called Devilshark getting 99 Mele, Defence and Strength The account then got hacked in 2008. I then quit RuneScape for a brake coming back in 2010 and i created my current account Tz-Tok-Kris. I recently achieved my first 99 woodcutting on 13 December i do my best to help people out and i am considered Epic or a Legend by some friends. My most favourite quests have to be Monkey Madness and Desert Treasure as they have been difficult to complete and a challenge. I am is also in the clan Legion VII plus i am good friends with kww, Tz-Tok-D4rk and iLethilty. Having a recent RuneScape friend first met in 2006 passing away has make me push even further to complete goals he wanted to do his goals were to Complete Temple Of Senistane, Get A Full Slayer helm and achieve 99 strength these are now my goals and i shall complete what he did not.

Mele Max Hit

Magic Max Hit 267
Ranged Max Hit


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