Total level 2730
Combat level 138
Other names Yuekk, Realization, McPuffy Pls, GlowPoni
Started playing 2010
Ended playing N/A
Achievements Eleven Master Skillcapes
Clan Loser
Uffy Avatar.png

Uffy started his Runescape career as a Skiller on June 25th 2010, then slowly evolved into a Prayer pure. A short time later he joined a Clan called the Untouchables; where he started training combat. After a few months, he achieved max combat.

Since then, Uffy has since achieved eleven Master Skillcapes in the skills Dungeoneering, Magic, Attack, Constitution, Defence, Firemaking, Ranged, Thieving, Farming, Summoning and Invention. Additionally, he has also gained over 1.9 billion experience across all his levels, and has 200m XP in Constitution, Magic and Dungeoneering.

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