Combat level 138
Started playing 2001
Known for Reaching 1 Billion experience and remaining rank #2 for 6 years

Not to be confused with Uloveme (Rs3)

Uloveme is a famous player from Hong Kong, known for holding second place on the hiscores, around the time Zezima held the number one place. She was banned from hiscores because of admitting to sharing the account with her boyfriend/husband and so Jagex banned the account.

Before Uloveme disappeared from the hiscores, she had roughly 1 billion total experience, making her the second person to ever reach this amount of experience. She also held rank 2 or 3 on the highscore for a long period of time, and reached rank #1 a number of times. Her history and work have been known to the RuneScape community for a long time. Uloveme also had one of the most well-known friends chats, even after her disappearance.

This player is not to be confused with Uloveme_(Rs3) This page is about the player originally named Uloveme, not the current one.


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