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Total level 2694
Combat level 138
Nationality American
Started playing 2001
Ended playing Never
Influences Original Uloveme
Known for Reviving Uloveme Username

Not to be confused with Uloveme

The display name itself that once was ranked #2 for many years on the Hiscores was released from the banned owner, and now in use with a Different player that claims she will do better than the original owner.

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Her Story

Over time.. When playing a game for so long. You can almost get sucked into something that is too the extreme, being younger at the time..you cling on too someone who was once your favorite player. Pre-RS3 Uloveme, Had a total level of 2.349. And a whopping 1.010,449,068. With a Summoning Level left at 72. before she was Perm Banned. Second player ever to have the total Exp at that time.. Sometime after what happend, a new player obtained her name. And begin a Journey that was not her own..unknowingly understanding what she got into even if she was just a friend..

Uloveme (rs3) and Uloveme Pre-Rs3 are in fact different. One is the currently EOC/Rs3 player. While the other is Pre-EOC/rs3 Era, and banned currently..

The Current Uloveme (EOC/Rs3) noted on her site. She tried to fill the shoes the original once had, but over time she realized those shoe's are not her's too fill. But in fact too walk her own path and fill her own shoe's and do better than the Original. Uloveme (rs3 version) claim's her goal, is to set out and be Different from a regular player. And said "Take the torch and be the role-model As the original once was. When someone tells you "No" .. You should hear "yes". Impossible is a word i love to ignore.The only way to make the possible-possible, is too try the impossible. If you fail? So what. Thats what everyone expects. But..if you succeed, you make the world a much better place. Never follow the crowd..Go where its empty..Be different..Ignore the Naysayers."

Uloveme Currently lives in world 14. And love's too make outfit's and update her site. She also noted "Nova", her favorite pet, is named strictly after N0valyfe, a former retired top ranked player year's ago.

Dates 99 achieved in each skill
No. Skill Date achieved
1 Hunter 06 April 2015
2 Cooking 27 September 2003
3 Attack 09 August 2006
4 Constitution 14 December 2007
5 Magic 20 March 2015
6 Defence 23 September 2007
7 Strength 10 November 2006
8 Summoning 20 May 2015
9 Ranged 01 May 2015
10 Fletching 13 may 2005
11 Prayer 03 January 2015
12 Crafting 12 April 2015
13 Fishing 21 July 2015
14 Runecrafting 02 September 2015
15 Construction 24 March 2015
16 Woodcutting 19 april 2015
17 Dungeoneering 09 September 2015
18 Mining 10 May 2015
19 Firemaking 30 October 2003
20 Divination 17 August 2015
21 Thieving 27 June 2015
22 Herblore 18 June 2015
23 Smithing 02 June 2015
24 Agility 11 July 2015
25 Slayer 03 August 2015
26 Farming 19 April 2015
27 Invention 18 September 2017


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