Ultimate Sun
Ultimate Sun as he appears in his last video for Youtube
Other names pr4y3r0wn5, Carne Assada, Mastiguinha, Edir Mancebo, Dynamoz
Nationality Brazilian
Started playing 2007
Ended playing Still Playing
Achievements First Brazilian to reach 50M+ experience in the Mining Skill.
Known for Videos and Charisma
Clan Former "Np Fortress"

Ultimate Sun is a Brazilian RuneScape player and videomaker.

He started playing in 2007, after a friend showed him the game. He is mainly known for his YouTube guides, and charisma. He was one of the owners of NP Fortress, one of the best brazilian clans between 2009 and 2010.

He had 99 in many skills, but stood by his high XP amount in mining (40,000,000 by the time he was hacked).

Ultimate Sun was hacked in January 29, 2011.

He managed to recover his account in 2016 and which is now known as BleachZzZ.

Even though he recovered his old account, he created many more, achieving high levels in all of them, and now plays as Dynamoz.


Ultimate Sun started playing RuneScape in 2007, when a friend and neighbor showed him the game. His first account was "Mastiguinha", named after his friend's nickname. After 1 year he decided to create a "pure" account, aiming to only achieve 99 in the Prayer skill. The account's name was "pr4y3r0wn5", later "Ultimate Sun".

Tired, he decided to continue playing normally without goals. Ultimate Sun started to train every single skill, especially Mining, which later became his goal.

So in early 2010 he achieved 99 in the Mining skill, but didn't stop to train it. 

In 2011, someone hacked his account and changed its name.

Personal life

Ultimate Sun lives in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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