Combat level 80
Started playing 2006
Known for Not Famous
Achieving 80 Ranged

Unazloar achieves level 80 in the ranged skill. Taken on: 10-07-09


Banned for two weeks. Taken on: 11-01-09

Unazloar (also known as Bows to Bows) is a RuneScape player, who finished the game. He made serveral accounts while playing RuneScape, some of them got banned/hacked, but this one is his new account. It's an ZerkerPure Hybrid and Unazloar PK a lot on this account. He started making this account as a pure mage, just when the "Curse-Zammy-Mage" method was found. He reached 40 mage and got bored, so he quit. An month later Unazloar started playing again and got 50 range and 60 magic. Then he bought Membership and started to do quests and training defence, attack and strength till 40. He got 65 magic and was ready for Desert Treasure, it took him long since there was no good guides there yet. Then his account got hacked and he made some new accounts. Unazloar quit runescape for six months, then decided to try and get his account back since he found his membership e-mails. He tried 2 times to get it back, the second one try was successful. He started to train his Range and Magic. He trained 70 Ranged at Pest Control and 70 Magic by Pking. Then he decided to also train strength, attack and 45 defence. He got 60 attack and 70 Strength. Then he did Monkey Madness and a few weeks later he began a little clan with his friends. They pked with full voids and got a lot of decent drops, he got 85 Ranged and 82 Magic. Now Unazloar is banned caused by "Real World Trading", which the owner of the account states that he have never done. He tried to appeal but it didn't work out so well. He also says "It's only banned for two weeks but it's still stupid".

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