His old outfit.


Unhealthy is a casual player on RuneScape who mainly focuses on the social aspect of the game, rather than skilling or wealth. At one point he had 9 Constitution, but lost it in November. He went by the name NineHP from 2010 to late 2011 for a brief period before switching to Unhealthy, which was revoked after he lost his 9 Constitution temporarily. After a brief break from the game to focus on his studies, he returned and was granted the name Unhealthy back, as well as picking up his Veteran Cape (10 Year).

Unhealthy can usually be found in Jake's friends chat or in World 45. He is at 1538 total level right now, working towards 70+ all stats. His combat stats are all almost 50+, which is what his non-combat ones are already sitting at (with some in the high 80s) with the exception of Summoning, which he's left at 1 for now while he works at other goals.

NineHP at Grand Exchange. (Before his name change and loss of 9 Hitpoints)

He is usually is willing to talk with people and discuss different subjects, and tends to socialize at the Grand Exchange while he levels Firemaking in between levelling up his other skills or as a break from a quest.

Unhealthy usually skills wearing a Veteran Cape (10 Year) and hood, black platebody and platelegs, dragon ceremonial shoes, skeletal gloves, glory amulet, Caitlin's staff and a book of Zamorak.

Unhealthy had 9 Hitpoints from not levelling his account, because he procrastinated making a pure. He made it sometime in 2002 and almost forgot about it, mainly using it as a mule to hold items at the time. When the transfer to RS2 happened the XP for level 10 changed from 1000 XP (RuneScape Classic) to 1154 XP (RuneScape 2), which is why his HP was less than the starting amount of 10.

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