Runescape 3 photo
Total level 1993 (OSRS), 2589 (RS3) as of August 7 of 2015
Other names Unoh, Unoob (Alt)
Achievements Rank 1 Hitpoints, 200m exp on HP, Str, Atk, Def
Known for Rank 1 Hitpoints
Clan Friendzone (Friend Chat)

Unohdettu2 is a female RuneScape player best known for being the first to reach 200,000,000 exp in hitpoints on Old School RuneScape. She also was the first to reach 200 million exp in all melee stats. According to her this was done by afking dark beasts and abyssal demons but most people believe she used the Guthans nightmare zone method to achieve this. Currently she plays RuneScape 3 on her main while going for 200 million exp in all melee stats again on her Old School RuneScape alternative account Unoobdetttu2


  • Trimmed completionist cape Rs3
  • 200m all melees OSRS

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