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Unsocial, also known as Quest Points, Ovl Up, lnsane, and YoIo, is a well known runescape player. He started playing in 2005 after hearing his friends talk about it in school. He has been playing since 2005 on and off and quit for 2 years on the release of EOC but came back recently to obtain 99 divination and obtain his completionist cape back. He was once considered the greatest Slayer of General Graardor and the most feared GWD Crasher of his time. Often referred to as the King of GWD and King of Bandos. The reason behind him quitting was "Crashing GWD was not as fun on EOC and it ruined the game for him".


Unsocial seen wearing his PVM gear
Total Level 2595
Combat Level 138
Clan Maxed


Known For



Unsocial held the #1 dungeoneering rank for a short time period on the release date. He was one of the first players to achieve a chaotic weapon in which he choose a longsword for PVM. He has trained dungeoneering with some of the biggest names in rs includding; Zezima, Sosolid2k, Drumgun, Telmomarques and Jake.He was one of the first players to get access to Ice Dungeon to kill Frost Dragons where he said to have made over 30 million gp a day there. Today he is one of the most respected players in the dungeoneering community obtaining over 350 million dungeoneering xp all pre eoc or on legacy. He has held numerous dungeoneering floor times throughout the years.

Unsocial was often seen doing high level stake pking in w18 wearing his third age melee set, As well as torva. Bandos high level stake seemed to be his most used form of pking.

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