Runescape Party Hat PKing - Original 2007 - Drags Hybriding

This is my 14th PK video back from 2007 (Original) Wilderness, if you're only interested in the Party Hat footage please skip to 13:00, although I do recommend watching from at least 11:00 as that's where the best content starts. The video consists of around 60% Hybrid PKing at East/West Drags mainly around 15-20 Wilderness. There are clips from Mage Bank, West Dragons, Edge and a few other places in the wildy.

This is one of my favorite and last PK video and I still remember how much I enjoyed making it 8 years ago now.. The rush I felt from PKing in my Phat will never again be experienced unless I'm on a psychedelic. You'll probably think I'm crazy for risking hundreds of millions of pixel GP but my legend of a friend Tad/Tadster05/Chris (2124) had my back and I wouldn't have the confidence to PK with it if it wasn't for him... Sadly I lost contact with him like 7 years ago if by some miracle you do know him please send me his details, I would be forever grateful. 

I'd like to dedicate this video to 2124/Tadster05 Aka Chris.

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