Cooldude8464 working on woodcutting.

Cooldude8464 (Formerly known as Keedyboy) is a combat level 79 player of Runescape. He started in early 2006. Since then he has taken 2 major breaks, only to return playing again. He is best known for his woodcutting skill, by chopping Yew trees, and Magic trees, when he was a member. He has been a member twice so far, and is planning to become one again.


Cooldude8464 is not a very high skiller, but he is still cool as his name suggests. His highest skill is 79, for woodcutting. He is currently working on his combat skills


He would love a partyhat, santa hat, or any other discontinued/rare item. So if you want to be his friend you should give him one.

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