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Hello, and welcome to my profile page. When I heard that my character on RuneScape had gotten an article about it, I decided that I would take an look at it. At first, It was an OK article but It had begun to get personal and non-private which soon became an issue. The original page about my character than an Wikia user had created I had deleted by an Admin because It contains false information about my character and along with that It contained private content about it stolen from private sources. Therefore, I decided that It would be good to add an autobiography about myself instead because that way any true and professionally written information would be written by the creator of the account himself. Overall, I did find that Flurries had one part of the original article about my character that was true and therefore I took it upon myself to take that article information and add it to the Official page about my character DJ Skyguy. I can be found daily wandering the streets of Varrock and going about my business. I am very to-myself type of person, but I don't mind having an good conversation when I'm not busy working or training. I have many friends, whom a good many are Player Mods, Game Celebs, and Jagex Mods. You may find more information out about my character on the Official Article. Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction. Also, an many of users in-game and out of the game have questioned me about how I came up with my username. The name DJ Skyguy was based from the title as I am an Disc Jockey of the Radio Station "The Wave! RuneScape Radio", also the last part of the name :Skyguy: is based from the character from Super Mario Bros. game series.

DJ Skyguy 01:36, January 23, 2011 (UTC)M DJ Skyguy

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