Fabianbig was widely known accross Runescape's Duel arena. Was one of the founding father's of (Pid) between the early years 2002-2004. Said to be the richest Runescape Staker on August of 2011 with an estimated bank value of over 960b+. Although he was a staker he participated in many other runescape activities such as Pvm, Pking, and mini games but most of all he was known for trolling kids. Quotes by Fabianbig that can never be forgotton "Box me your bank" as he sat on the duel arena stairs. other quotes by him later in 2012-2013 were "you have to believe it, to achieve it",and "No Kneecaps". Fabianbig was banned several of times due to breaking rules in-game such as Botting,Rwt,and Bug abuse. Fabianbig is now no longer with the Runescape Community as he has quit the game completely and moved on with other games such as League of Legends.Sources have found Fabianbig facebook where they recovered pictures of him and his Bmw M5 which he admits to selling Rsgp for. Other unconfirm sources has that he possibly made over $500,000.00 Usd off Runescape. Close friends by Fabianbig has confirm that he now only goes out partying and continuing his education in college.

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