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Note: I am currently very busy with helping to set up the DarkScape wiki. I'll still check this wiki's recent activity a few times a day to curve vandalism, but page revamps are put on hold for a while. You can still, of course, contact me on here if you need help.

Hey everyone, I'm one of the admins here on the Runescape Players Wiki. If you need help with something or have a question, then just let me know and I'll get back with you ASAP.

On The Wiki

You'll probably see me making minor edits and adding categories to your page(s). Don't worry about this too much - I'm not criticizing your page, just micro-managing it to keep things a bit more tidy. If you're curious about changes I've made, you can of course leave me a message.

On occasion, I do create large pages about players that are quickly rising to fame. Typically when I make "large pages" like this, I'll put a few hours of research into the person the page is about, and do my best to contact them, and then ask them a few questions so I can fill the page in more. I do not do things like this on request.


If you need to contact me, you can do so in the following ways:

-Runescape in-game: Kentt

-My Talk Page on Wikia: User_talk:Kent_Knifen

-On Twitter: @KentKnifen

When you leave a message on my Talk:Page, I would highly appreciate it if you create a new Header, and use the Header as you would a "Subject" line for an email. This separates posts from one another and makes it easier to see who says what. If you forget to create a header, then I'll create one under the format of "Page:[Name of page you're talking about]," with a link to that page in the Header. If your message is not about a specific page, then your message will be labelled as "User:[Your Wiki Username]," with a link to your Wiki profile.

And no, Kent is not my real name :)

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