Lemon Acid know of the Lemon on Runescape always happy & chiled out guy..

Come's from Ireland His name is Andza.

An ex seller in Dungeoneering apox in-minigame of holding a record of 7:49 min Warped Floors. He is an Legitimate Dunger Hoster without any problems, he can work with 1 to 4 Leecher's on or off skype call with them. From combat level's of 4 to 200. He might be going back into Selling floors again? That is a maybe as he is working on other skills & busy in real life with the Army etc. His first cape's were 99 Crafting with 99 Strength.

Has he got a firecape etc? Yes he does.

Has he got Tetsu / Trova etc? Tetsu & Bandos.

Has he got a Quest Cape? No / Only 341 Quest point's.

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