Disclaimer: All information on this page should be taken as personal opinions only. I am not any adminstrator on this RS player wiki, though I have some experience being an admin in some other wikias.

I am currently playing as Rienn Clare and a few sub accounts. For details visit the page.

I could have slightly different article criteria than the admins do:

  • The articles are substained if they match any of the points below:
    • The player has at least 1 Level 99 (98 doesn't count.) Free player counts.
    • The player is famous, in either a clan or public.
    • The player has decent Videos. 10K views for a single video should be enough.
    • The player is noxious, even Jagex could mention him for banning.
    • The player has done great deeds, or worked with Jagex.
    • The player has done great deeds against Jagex, including bug abusing.
    • The player is persistant troll.
    • Even if you only have a commoner player, given the article is detailed, I'll give a go.
  • Gibberish should be checked off. Basic grammar also: commas recommended, leet is acceptable.
  • Pictures and templates are welcome.

Jobs in Runescape

  • Battle types

Fighter, Ranger, Mage, Berserker, Tank, Assassin, Summoner, Cleric, bald monk.

  • Skillers

Smither, Fisher, Crafter, Fletcher, Rogue, Athelete?, Runecrafter, Brewer, Hunter, Slayer, Miner, Lumberman, Farmer, Cook, Pyro...... forget it.

  • Non-skill

Adventurer, Camera-man, Beggar, Scammer, Murderer?, Merchant, Clan leader, Idol, Macro, Police, Black Marketeer, Triad, Exploiter.

I think RSPlayer wiki is not...

  • Wikipedia - Obvious.
  • Runescape Wiki - You don't need to make your player like an NPC. No grammer, no formatting, just opinions.
  • Compulsory - You might be excited to write about yourself. But please relax, take a breath if you get tense.
  • Neutral all the time - This is disputed. If you write an article completely neutral people might praise you, but that doesn't stand out well. If you try not making an article trivial it might end up biased. The core of the problem is, players aren't NPCs, don't stand for Jagex or somebody but themselves.
  • Scrabble Board - 1337 15N'7 600D F0R R34D1N6. Keeping integrity is good for you and the readers.
  • Runescape - We cannot help if you got scammed. You can however, give your experience here to alert people.
  • Wiki for real people - Other than the aspects related to the character, NO. If the real man died, RIP and give it a go, that should help disperse the rumours.
  • Complete - We don't enclose everyone into groups.
  • Meant to create articles that aren't your own - Many problems have arisen because of this.
  • Chapel, or church - All players are equal. They don't really make a difference except for their behavior, which is then evaluated by other players.
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