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Page:Mi tt Romney

Hey there,

I noticed earlier on the page Mi tt Romney that it appears you tried to add an image to it.  Unfortunately, the image was added in an invalid method.  If you'd like to add photos to the wiki, please follow these steps:

-Hover over "On the Wiki," and press "Photos"

-Click "Add a photo," then browse your computer for the image you are looking for.

-Rename the file so it includes the player's name as the file name, rather than the date/time format the image is currently in.  This is highly appreciated so we can find the image later if we need to.

-Upload the file, then return to the page.

-Edit the page, click on the template, then go to the image section.

-Type this into the image section: [[Image:[FileName.FileType]|thumb|]]

-Save your edit, and optionally include a summary saying you added a photo.

Hope this helps ^_^

edited Looking a bit more in-depth, I can see you already completed most of the steps for adding an image.  I've crossed out the sections you've already successfully completed.

Kent Knifen (talk) 04:31, September 6, 2015 (UTC)