http://imgur.com/a/zvhep#3 (proof)

In the link below this message you'll see the screenshots I've gathered and proof of the information I'm about to say, between the conversations with me and some people trying to impersonate the old RuneScape player: "Uloveme" In short: An American girl got acces to the display name "Uloveme" and has been pretending to be her for a long time now together with an American guy under the name "Roxkhaoz" (Name changed to Eurekaseven and then to MuffinUchiha) they had a falling out and then Roxkhaoz reveiled everything to me about how they've been lying to people for 3 years+. (Direct quote: "Im done playing her games and hideing her secret about not being real uloveme") After he told me everything he asked me not to talk to anyone about it, the next day I was blocked out of Uloveme's friend's chat. [Which should be a dead giveaway, but apparently not for everyone.]

I've checked Uloveme's real youtube channel "bgirl222" and you can see in her video 'Uloveme vid 2: Uloveme in Seer village' that she says: "The login name uloveme had its display name change to ulovem3, i don't know why jagex took the name." Which should speak for itself.  So I changed the wiki which said that the real Uloveme was playing again, which then got reditted by her and I several times. Rox on his RSaccount and fake-Uloveme on her alt RSaccount pm'd me ingame (In screenshot album) to make me stop editting the wiki. Obviously I cant stand to let them continue their lies.

Eurekaseven (Roxkhaoz) and bgirl222(-Account created end of 2012) (The fake Uloveme) had both been banned from the wiki and the wiki was altered to a truthful version (not by me). I rechecked a few days later and Kent Knifen decided that Uloveme is the real one based on a blog which I didn't get the link of, when I asked, and believed them when they said, I was actually a fake person, because apparently I got banned from the FC for a reason, and then I started spreading lies, which as you can see is 100% unbelievable if one would take the effort to view the evidence, yet Kent believed them and so the statement of "This page is about the original Uloveme, someone else is playing under the same name" was removed. I've talked to Kent afterwards (the entire conversation is captured, if necesary) and he seemed to strongly believe they were being legitimous and completely ignored the images I provided, pretty much ignoring what the official youtube of Uloveme stated and saying I "groundlessly accused these people of lying" whereas in the first image you can see Roxkhaoz saying "I've been lying for a long time" aka "holding a secret", but still groundlessly accusing them xD.

I've been trying to get in contact with a few J-mod's to figure it out,(Mod drew, tyran, tron) but I have exams coming and I need to catch them during their work hours, for obvious reasons. I also talked to a high profiled player who instantly supported me, but he would rather not give more attention to this fake because the fc wasn't populated when he checked, and he said that making a video about it to spread the word would give her more attention.

Kent told me to leave the drama out of wiki, and I can appreciate that, my end-goal with this isn't to flame the fake one (even if it's sad), but to show the truth on Uloveme's page in honour of her achievements. And so it should say she got permanently banned. Not that her stats get reset or whatever, because that isn't what happened. I hope that you can see the truth beyond the lies.

http://imgur.com/a/zvhep#3   this album on imgur has 7 images, I have these saved on my computer incase they get removed.

Thank you for your time

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