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Player Moderator Page

Hey there! If you believe that a page has been copied verbatim from another wiki then please contact an Administrator instead of clearing the page because that can get you blocked.


 •Corey Chambers •My Talk •My Bot    20:44, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

RE: RE: Player Moderator Page

According to the CC-BY-SA Licensing terms Attribution is required by pages that use content from another wiki. It however says nothing about anyone being able to clear a page because it does not give proper credit to the original post. So therefore you had no right to remove the content on that page. Now if you can find something written by a Wikia Staff Member that says that it is allowed to remove content from pages that do not give proper credit, then please include a link to it. I will be adding an Attribution section to the page.


 •Corey Chambers •My Talk •My Bot    21:08, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

Yes like you said Attribution IS required by pages which use content copied from another wiki. I have now posted a proper link to the original article on the Runescape Wiki. 
Although it was copied without giving proper credit to the original authors that do not mean that you can simply clear the page. Instead you could have posted a link to the original post. 
In your original post you said, and I qoute, "Pages copied directly from other wikis without attribution can absolutely be removed by any user, be they IP or VSTF member. Please take a look at the terms of CC-BY-SA. My edit to that page was not vandalism and your undo summary is misleading and incorrect. Either give attribution to the content's source or the article will have to be cleared again for the time being. Cheers, — Flaysian (talk) 20:51, September 7, 2013 (UTC). Like I said, the CC-BY-SA says nothing about any user being allowed to clear a page if it doesn't give credit. This does not mean that you can simply say that it is allowed just because that's how you think it should be. Also my undo summary was not misleading or incorrect UNLESS you can find something that says that you can clear pages that do not provide credit.
Also, talking to other people like they are idiots is rude. I have not been rude to you so you had no reason to be rude to me. If that was not your intention then you may want to be a bit more careful about how you talk to others. 
Now, I have added a link to the original article on the Runescape Wiki. Credit has now been given. If you still do not believe me about clearing pages then please feel free to contact a Staff Member HERE.
 •Corey Chambers •My Talk •My Bot    21:36, September 7, 2013 (UTC)
Quote:"I will say again: if an edit is illegal (such as unattributed copying of content), it is to be undone. This is common sense, plain and simple." I will also restate that the CC-BY-SA does not say that it is allowed. You cannot say that clearing a page that has been copied verbatim is justified because it "makes sense". Like I said you didn't have to clear it. It would have taken you only a minute at most to add a link to the original article.
Quote:"I have been blunt with you here because your initial edit summary, which attempted to accuse me of vandalism, displayed a fundamental lack of understanding of the CC-BY-SA license and I wished to elucidate the situation as swiftly as possible." To this I will reply with the definition of "Vandalism". According to Wikia, vandalism is defined as "The conspicuous defacement or destruction of a structure, a symbol or information against the will of the owner/governing body. In the context of an online community project, it is a usually deliberate attempt to damage the usefulness of content for other viewers." You blanked a page without permission, saying that it is allowed because it "Makes Sense". That was a deliberate attempt to damage the usefulness of content for other viewers, therefore it is considered vandalism. To deal with vandalism Wikia suggests that the edit is reverted, which is what I did, or blocking. Also, I have read the CC-BY-SA license several times, I understand what it says and it says absolutely nothing about clearing a page that does not give proper credit as being allowed. So, as of right now, you are showing that you either did not read the complete license or you did not understand what you were reading because you cannot just amend the license
Quote: "I apologise if I upset you at any point, and I appreciate that you have since made the necessary amendments to the article." You did not upset me I'm just saying that you should be a bit more careful with how you talk to others. Also, like I have already said, you could have added the proper link.
If you still do not believe me when I say that you had no right to blank that page then I will just go ahead and email a staff member and see what they have to say about your edit.
 •Corey Chambers •My Talk •My Bot    22:09, September 7, 2013 (UTC)
EDIT: I have contact Wikia asking them for their opinion on the matter. Once I have recieved a reply I will link to a screenshot.

Email from Wikia

Hey there! I contacted Wikia to ask for their say on the problem and here's the reply that Sean McGilvray (semanticdrifter) sent. Here is a screenshot. As you can see like I said, blanking a page can be considered vandalism. He also said that if you would have explained it to an admin of this wiki then they, most likely, would have been happy to give credit to the original authors.


 •Corey Chambers •My Talk •My Bot    23:29, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

A compromise

This message has been left on both of your talk pages

I noticed that you and Corey Chambers were having a dispute over the lack of crediting to the RuneScape Wiki on the Player Moderator page. I noticed Corey left a small link at the bottom, but I've fleshed it into a nice notice using Template:Wikipedia as a guide. I hope you both find that satisfactory. ~ty 02:38, September 9, 2013 (UTC)

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