Verifhide (previously known as Assured Lies), is an amateur Anti-Rusher/Lurer and always a Pker. He does not attack anyone, which is why Anti-Luring/Rushing suited him best. He first started Anti-Luring when a player asked him to pull the lever in Edgeville. He prepared himself for a fight and was able to destroy 3 people, gaining just over 50M.

Future plans

He has considered starting a youtube channel with one of his best friends, Jake. However, this channel will not be purely dedicated to RuneScape, but gaming overall. As of May 2013, Verifhide has a total level of 2015 with 9 99s. He is currently aiming at 99 Construction and Herblore. He posted a video of a 250M rage stake which he lost back in January 2012. However, this video was removed soon after.[citation needed]

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