Viking Nico.png
Viking Nico Taskmaster.png
Total level 2593
Combat level 138
Other names Viking Nico, Nicolay c, Tokhaar-Nico, Saggittarian, Quests FTW, Void FTW, Nicolb2305
Nationality Norwegian
Started playing May 4th 2007
Achievements Max Cape
Clan Nexorcism

Vabra, previously known as Viking Nico, is a Norwegian RuneScape player who is currently working towards a Completionist cape. He is a Zarosian and his favourite aspects of the game are lore and quests. He is also a good friend of GI Jow.

Vabra can usually be found in Prifddinas or in Daemonheim and he will most likely be wearing a full set of Vanguard and a Max Cape if you happen to find him.

He often likes to brag about his Dominion Tower rank which is currently 231.


Viking Nico started playing in May 2007 after a friend showed him the game. In the beginning he spent most of his time mining in the Dwarven Mines, then smithing armor and weapons. After a while he quit at around 40 Mining. After a while he came back to the game and played on and off for about 4 years. In 2012 he started playing a lot more actively and has continued playing since with only small breaks.

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