Wildy Owns1
Total level N/A
Combat level N/A
Other names Paul Roberts
Nationality United Kingdom
Known for Being a "top lad", PKing, gambling, streaming with guests such as "Brennan"

With the tag ReturnOfWilderness, he is a famous YouTuber who has around 72,000 subscribers.

He is well known in the RuneScape community, and referred to by some players as a "Top lad". He is known to condone and commit gambling, which is now against the game's rules, and real world trading. He openly admits to these activities and advertises some RuneScape gambling and real world trading sites, chiefly "BigBoiBets". In addition to this, he has mocked several Jagex Moderators. Despite these transgressions, he has a generally calm and amiable demeanor towards his fanbase and when meeting new people in game.

His first appearances on YouTube were around 2006, when he produced some videos of himself PKing; his style involved using a combination of Ranged and Magic and he often wore Ahrim's armour along with his ranged weapon of choice. These videos made him one of the first famous PKers/video makers in the early days of YouTube, which led to him being idolized by many players. He also made a brief return in 2011 when free trade and Wilderness was reinstated, hence the name "ReturnOfWilderness". His legacy allowed him to gain a large amount of viewers not long after this return. Since the return of free trade, however, his views of RuneScape as a whole have become jaded over time, which led to his gradual shift to satirical content based on the game.

Some time in September 2016, ReturnOfWilderness's main account Wildy Owns1 was permanently banned for major violations of the game rules. His being banned is believed to be connected to a popular video that appears to show Wildy Owns1 scamming another player.

Old School RuneScape

In 2013 he returned once more to play Old School Runescape upon its launch and is active to this day.

In 2013 he was banned from Twitch and now relies on YouTube to stream, and on the 3rd October 2014 his main RuneScape account was permanently banned and he now plays and streams on various random accounts with unknown sources. Due to the fact that he is a known rule-breaker, many of his new accounts are banned for the slightest breaches of RuneScape's rules (i.e. offensive language, minor trade scams, "e-dating")

He is also known to play private servers, which he occasionally bases some of his content off of.

Deadman Mode

Since the game mode's introduction, he has made several observations and videos based on Deadman Mode. His first notable piece of content in regards to the game mode was a satirical video about the "gas" mechanic that was implemented towards the end of the Deadman Tournament.

In April 2016 he actively took part in the Deadman mode seasonals on Old School Runescape, which was regarded by many of his subscribers as a "serious change of tone" as his previous content normally involved shenanigans such as rule-breaking and dishonorable gameplay (e.g. rushing players in Bounty Hunter with guests such as "Brennan").

His activities on Deadman Mode initially involved large amounts of skilling, however he revealed he had another Deadman account with high combat stats, which he used to PK a large amount of players, including skillers. He eventually expressed his dissatisfaction with the game mode before quitting it; he also created a satirical video entitled "Dead Mode Man", pointing out the several fundamental flaws in the game mode which have led to many players giving up on it, along with chastising the developers.

2016 YouTube Suspension

On Friday 13th May 2016, the YouTube account "ReturnOfWilderness" was terminated indefinitely due to allegations of copyright infringement. Some believe this was the result of a targeted effort due to the date of the suspension; the grounds the suspension took place on were likely related to his private server videos.

He is yet to get his suspension removed, however through social media he has called out several other famous RuneScape "YouTubers" for also advertising websites which break RuneScape's rules, also citing times that they have condoned or committed rule breaking.

There has been a very mixed reaction from the RuneScape community, including his own subscribers, in regards to his suspension. Many players mocked him on social media, believing that he doesn't deserve his channel due to his rule breaking, however viewers who enjoyed his content, including other video makers, have defended him, agreeing with his notion that he doesn't deserve to be singled out as many players are guilty of real world trading.

On Thursday 31st May 2016, Paul used one of his alternate YouTube accounts in order to upload a video in which he talks about his suspension and the possible reasons the suspension is yet to be lifted.

His account was reinstated several times, but banned once more not long after. After a long battle, he was finally unbanned for good on the 5th July 2016.

Further RuneScape content and coverage of real-life dramas

After the reinstatement of his YouTube account, he has turned the focus of his main channel to online and real-life dramas.

He first briefly covered the event of Mote Plox quitting YouTube.

He also made several videos exploring the controversies surrouding the viral video game Pokémon Go, including rumors of players who have died while playing the game.

He has moved his Runescape content to his alternate YouTube account, where he has been taking part in the "Last Man Standing" mode on Old School Runescape.

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