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Will Miss It
Total level 2001
Combat level 37
Nationality Norwegian
Known for Level 3 Skiller Player Moderator Untrimmed Slayer Cape Golden Gnome Winner Youtuber

Will Miss It is a well-known level 3 skiller and videomaker. He is most known for having achieved 99 Slayer as a skiller and for his YouTube videos. He also currently holds Player Moderator status. He wants to get all other non combat skills to 99 at the same time. He currently has every non-combat skill at 99, including Slayer.

He held the record for most zeals ever spent for a few months during 2011, being 11,000. His video showing him claiming Slayer XP has as of February 2013 gained over 100,000 views and caused the start of his YouTube career.

He has also made a YouTube video under the name World 901, which gained attention from Jagex and has more "Like" ratings than several popular and well-known RuneScape video makers. During RuneFest 2013, Jagex presented him the Golden Gnome for "Best YouTube Channel".[1]

On 7 December 2013, at 6pm GMT, Will Miss It achieved 19 level 99 skills all at once, and with a giant mob of fans, walked across RuneScape purchasing all the skillcapes. Starting at Varrock Square, the march ended up in the Feldip Hills, and then to Daemonheim via Ring of Kinship, and then to Falador Party room for an after party.

On June 2nd, 2014, He achieved 113 Dungeoneering, giving him a total level of 2000.

With the Legacy Mode update, Will Miss It's combat level is now 37, due to his 99s in Constitution and Prayer. However, he plans to reset said skills once Jagex provides the ability to reset skills.


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