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Total level RS3: 2728

Oldschool: 2277

Combat level 138
Other names Woox16; Ironwoox
Nationality Swedish
Achievements Maxed and #1 PvMer

First to beat The Inferno

Known for PvMing
Clan PvM Addicts

Woox (previously Woox16), is a well known Swedish RuneScape player (and Player Moderator), most notably for his world-leading player-versus-monster videos on YouTube. He possesses a Max cape and is known by many players and Jagex staff as the best PvM player in RuneScape.

Woox16 has recorded solo kills of almost every high-level boss monster in RuneScape. He was among the first players to fight Nex with video proof, and the first player to solo the corporeal beast successfully with video proof. He has also recorded many videos of handicapped boss kills, like killing Corporeal Beast without food, Soul Split or a Divine spirit shield, killing the King Black Dragon in 5 seconds, killing 3.5 Corporeal beasts without food or stat drains without banking, killing TzTok-Jad in 7 seconds, killing TzTok-Jad while AFK, and killing TzTok-Jad with no items and 1 prayer point. He has also soloed the Pest Control veteran's boat with only a Chaotic rapier. He has duoed Nex in Green d'hide. On January 28th, 2013, Woox16 became the first player ever to solo the Kalphite King with video proof. On August 14th, 2013, Woox16 and Desiboys became the first to duo Vorago and the first to defeat Vorago with under 5 attackers.

He is currently ranked 45th in Woodcutting and has 200m XP. In September 2013 he also reached 200m XP in Dungeoneering.

As of right now, Woox still plays RuneScape mostly on the Oldschool servers. Sometimes he streams when he's playing on his Ironman account.

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On June 3rd, 2017, Woox was the first person to defeat TzKal-Zuk and recieve the Infernal cape on Oldschool RuneScape. He was also the first person to make an infernal max cape.

Woox16 getting 99 in all skills again because of Divination

Woox's first face reveal, at Runefest 2016

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