X Skilloz X
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Combat level 8
Started playing 2008

X Skilloz X is a level 8 Skiller. He is the first ever level 8 skiller to achieve 99 smithing and 99 thieving.[citation needed] He is 18 years old, graduated, and wants to pursue Special Effects / Video Editing in University in the future.[citation needed] He also has a YouTube channel named "xskillozx". 


X Skilloz X started playing RuneScape in 2005 but did not create the X Skilloz X account until early 2008. After having his first ever RuneScape account (Coken Cubic) stolen from his best friend, he decided to make a new account, hence, X Skilloz X. After 10 minutes of playing on X Skilloz X, he was inspired and fascinated at the Grand Exchange by a skiller named 'Skillerz Guy', who, at the time, had 99 thieving at level 3 combat. It was only a couple of days where he became bored of RuneScape and skilling alone, and quit. But, in mid May 2008, was when he was intrigued again of skilling, and officially started playing as a RuneScape skiller.

Year 2008

It was only a couple weeks later when he achieved up to 70 woodcutting, 52 firemaking, 31 smithing, 31 fishing, 31 cooking, and 27 crafting (May 31, 2008) all at level 3 combat. But, in early August 2008, X Skilloz X decided to get 10 defense for the ability to wear Black armour (G). This caused him to get 12 Hitpoints (currently called Constitution) as well as level 6 combat. And by the end of September he had 616 total level, 90 fletching, 80 woodcutting and many stats at around 40-50 at the combat level of 6. On November 23, 2008, he decided to get 20 prayer for prayer robes. This caused him to become level 8 combat, and has been ever since. This is where the history making began.

Year 2009

Year 2009 was one of the biggest years for him. Right off the bat, on January 2, 2009, X Skilloz X achieved 99 fletching at level 8 combat. This was his first ever 99 in all of RuneScape. At the time of 99 fletching, he already had a total level of 744 consisting of 99 fletch, 81 woodcutting, and 70 cooking. Within the next month, he part took in a clan called Party Pety, a clan that found drop parties in the party room in various worlds. This was his main source of income in RuneScape, where he suddenly won 25 million GP (Dragon Claws), then another 50 million the next week (Zamorak Godsword). He was overwhelmed with the amount of money, and decided to go for 99 firemaking, which he later got on April 6, 2009. After 99 firemaking, he had a total level of 886 and multiple skills up to 60-70. By the time summer hit, he took a 2 month break from RuneScape to head out camping over the summer holidays. When he came back, he finally achieved 1000 total level in August 2009 at level 8 combat. After many days of investigating and contemplating, he decided to go for 99 smithing with all his left over cash from the drop party. He achieved 99 smithing on November 11, 2009 and was the first level 8 to achieve 99 smithing. This is where he made history, and his fame comes into play. At the time of 99 smithing, he had a total level of 1069 along with various stats up to 60-70. By the end of the year, he had a total level of 1136.

Year 2010

Year 2010 was a very boring and tedious year for him because he started to have less interest in the game and no motivation at all. In February 2010, Jagex hosted a "RuneScape Advertisement Machinima". This sparked his interest and decided to make an ad called "The Never Ending Bridge". With just about 300 views, 13 thumbs up, 0 thumbs down, he got no where close to winning. So sad. On April 29, 2010 Skilloz managed to reach 1200 total level at level 8 combat. Wasn't soon later that he decided to take a long break from RuneScape because of the lack of interest. Finally, in September, he came back and made a progress video of September 19, 2010 with a total level of 1245 at level 8 combat. After a couple months of training random skills, he had the urge to get 99 thieving, just like Skillerz Guy. In December 2010, X Skilloz X changed his name to xSkilloz, then changed it back after the time was up. At the end of year 2010, he had a total level of around 1255.

Year 2011

Year 2011 has been (and still currently is) a successful and brilliant year for Skilloz. On January 30, 2011 he achieved 14,000,000 xp in Smithing and is the first level 8 to do so. Also, on the very same day, he achieved 90 thieving and is well ready to start his adventure to 99. Of course, on February 1, 2011 free trade and wilderness was yet again, released . This caused his money making methods (Party room) instantly spirial downwards. The Party Pety clan was destroyed because of it, forcing him to leave the clan as a general. He later on found a way to make money by finding random drop parties throughout the world, and has been making successful money doing so. Finally, after a few months of training, he achieved his fourth 99 (thieving) on March 9, 2011 with a whopping 150+ people attending. Everyone wanted to see this skiller achieve his next 99. By then, he had a total level of 1275 at level 8 combat. It wasn't soon after till April 19, 2011 where he made another progress video. By now, he had an amazing 125,000,000 GP worth bank. And on April 28, 2011 he achieved a total level of 1300 at level 8 combat. On May 1, 2011, Jagex hosted a May Day celebration. At this

X Skilloz X places 4th in the May Day Celebration competition.

celebration, they hosted a competition to see who can receive the most crafting experience in 24 hours. This sparked his interest and decided to enter. Amazingly, after 16 hours of straight crafting (going from 65-83) X Skilloz X managed to place 4th place in this competition, and had the highest xp out of all skillers in RuneScape (2,399,156 xp). Because of this May Day celebration, it cause him to crave 99 crafting, and that is exactly what he is after. Again, he took a 2 month break before summer to go camping over the summer holidays. When he came back, he hosted a giveaway and made a video for it. He gave away 10,000,000 GP to the person who followed his video rules, which made him slightly more popular. Finally, on September 7, 2011, X Skilloz X achieved 99 crafting and is the first, ever, level 8 to achieve it. Not to mention he got 1337 total level at the same time as 99 craft. On November 16, 2011 X Skilloz X was featured on the famous ChrisArchieProds YouTube channel in the video called "Trolled By a J-Mod". (/watch?v=Y2ZhfOp34K8). After many years, X Skilloz X achieved 100,000,000 total experience, with 5 99's. He then later applied for Clan Hopefully as an Elite member, and was accepted the very next day. Today, he is working hard in all he does. and he gets great support from his friends, espcially Sheep Wc, who in fact is his real life friend that has been playing with him for about 2 years.

Achievements / Milestones

  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 99 Fletching (January 2, 2009)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 99 Firemaking (April 6, 2009)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 99 Smithing (November 11, 2009)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 99 Thieving (March 9, 2011)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 99 Crafting (September 7, 2011)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 99 Dungeoneering (December 21, 2011)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 1200+ Total level (April 29, 2010)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 1300+ Total level (April 28, 2011)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 1400+ Total level (October 7, 2011)
  • 1st Level 8 Skiller to achieve 1500+ Total level (January 6, 2012)
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