now known as xo0 Z3rk 0ox, was a notorious pker and lurer in 2001 right up to 2007.It has been rumored that he lured 3 party hats (green,white,yellow) and dozens upon dozens of other rares and items.He would drop 10k and say it was 10 mil or more after befriending himself with the victim, when the victim would loot the 10k immediately xo0's clan would come in and ice barrage and teleblock the victim and claim the item of value i.e party hat along with 9997 gp.

It has been reported that this player operates freely on multiple accounts on runescape to this day.

xo0 pvp 0ox was eventualy banned and removed from runescape permenantly however, his other accounts do still operate in 2012 and its rumored that he is luring once again

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