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Xors is a RuneScape player. He started playing in 2002 with the account Rad Russ1an which got banned  and in 2012 he made his current account. He decided to start making youtube videos, so he could look back on his runescape years when he is older. Currently he has teamed up with Wine Taster to bring commentary video guides on YouTube, They are known as RuneKrew. His main goal is to get the Max Cape, and then continue to explore the world of RuneScape with his friends.

History of Offences

He has been banned twice due to flaming, harassing, threatening and simply being funny by trying to sell illegal things over RuneScape. Despite Jagex has zero tolerance for his humor, he has never been sued.

New Account

Rad Russ1an creat a new account named "Xors", he is planning to expand his youtube channel and reach out to other youtubers and bring the best content possible to the average gamer.

He has a YouTube channel known as Russ1anRS he bringing videos to the RuneScape community to spread the truth about illegaly downloading games.

Bank as of Jan 1, 2013

A video confirming that xors has a bank of well over 2b is on his channel. and was the 50th video he ever made.

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