Who is Xx 0wn3ed xX?

Xx 0wn3ed xX is very well known to PKing on RuneScape and is recognised as one the best. He made PKing video's on YouTube beginning in 2005 until late 2010. With high quality, and well structured video's he was one of the very few RuneScape players to reach 10,000 subscribers in late 2008. Unfortunately in 2010, it is believed that Xx 0wn3ed xX's YouTube channel was terminated due to copywright infringements. He had reached a total of 72 Video's on his channel, totalling 22k subscribers, which was quite stunning at the time.


Xx 0wn3ed xX was apart of the pure clan "Corrupt Pures" in the Old Wilderness, before becoming one of the very few maxed pures within' the game alongside Kids Ranqe etc. With the wilderness removed and the Bounty Hunter Craters added, Xx 0wn3ed xX became a mid-level master and a General of KO, or Kill Orgy. Kill Orgy was believed to had dominated within' the craters for the period it was open. Alongside further updates, Xx 0wn3ed xX became a main in 2009 and was 138 combat. It is believed that Xx 0wn3ed xX left KO and had started up his own team on ventrilo dedicated to deep wilderness single PKing. This was called, T0v or Team 0wn3ed's Vent. He was then achieving the high ranks on the Bounty Hunter hiscores, with rank number 3 and 12 for rogues. Xx 0wn3ed xX and his friends later joined Chaotic Impulse shortly after it was founded in July 2010, and became General. Chaotic Impulse became one of the most dominant single PKing clans in the history of the game, before it's closure in June 2012. In late 2010 after the termination of his YouTube channel, he continued playing the game normally but discontinued making his video's. Xx 0wn3ed xX returned to play 2007 Runescape on release until June. He achieved incredible stats in such a short period of time (2nd person to MAX combat skills, all combat 99s). Nowadays, Xx 0wn3ed xX plays a lot of Barbarian Assault on OSRS. He is ranked as Recruit in Ba Services, the premier OSRS BA Leech Clan. 

Clans since 2004: (In order)

Corrupted Pures(2004-2007),


Kill Orgy(2008-2009),

T0V or Team 0wn3eds Vent (2010-2011),

Chaotic Impulse (2010-2012.)

Ba Services (June 2016-Present)


    • Maxed total - July 2011
    • Completionist Cape - December 2011
    • Maxed 1 def pure in old wild (2005)
    • Over 15b downed
    • Ranked 2 for Bounty Hunter
    • (2007 OSRS) Ranked 1 HP.
    • (2007 OSRS) 15th person to level 126 - March 23rd 2013.
    • (2007 OSRS) 2nd person to ALL combat stats at level 99.

Video's of Xx 0wn3ed xX.


OLD WILD Best of Xx 0wn3ed xX (2006) Maxed Pure


Xx 0wn3ed xX PvP Video

Images of Xx 0wn3ed xX.

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