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Yin-Yarn, fully titled Yin-Yarn of Zaros, is a devout, Zarosian 

Yin-Yarn's usual attire.

follower whose ambition is to help Zaros in any way possible. Currently, Yin-Yarn is attempting to gain any other levels that he finds best suits his needs, and does not have much tolerance for skills that compile of too much repetitive actions. Though sometimes a bit of a silent character, Yin-Yarn is always ready to help someone, if the assistance is required. However, the thought of anyone else following a different god other than Zaros confuses him, and makes him irritable.


Though Yin-Yarn's non-combat based skills tend to be a bit lackluster, Yin-Yarn is still able to gather a fair amount of resources if need be. Yin-Yarn mainly focuses on Magic, due to finding it to be the most versatile when in combat. Melee-wise, he is also above average, though Yin-Yarn tends to stick with Magic regardless.

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Switching The Faith 

Yin-Yarn, though even past seemingly only obedient to Zaros, was not always a Zarosian. Long before Zaros had been heard of in the world of Gielinor by the community, Yin-Yarn followed Saradomin carefully and sought to obey him as a master. However, after a long quest in search of gems, Yin-Yarn found a pyramid that kept a strong Mahjarrat in captivity. After being filled with the knowledge of Zaros with his newly gained Ancient Magic, Yin-Yarn started to obey only the one whom he had realized was best fitted to rule over the world of Gielinor.


  • Yin-Yarn is named after the villain "Yin-Yarn " from the Kirby Franchise.
  • Though shown wearing the Retro Virtus Equipment Set, Yin-Yarn actually does not use Virtus Robes at all. Instead, Yin-Yarn wears Ganodermic, believing it to be much more cost effective.
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