Ymca4Life is a retired Castle Wars player. 


Ymca4Life began playing RuneScape in 2003 as a f2p pker. On becoming a member Ymca4Life continuously played in W98 where he met Nitemare719. Ymca4life and Nitemare719 began a Castle Wars based clan known as Assailants of Fury (AOF). Ymca4Life was known for ice baragging his way to 99 Magic in Castle Wars exclusively. He also enjoyed the Woodcutting skill, with 23 million XP and ranked in the top 200 Woodcutting hiscores during his time of play.

Castle Wars

Ymca4Life, along with Nitemare719, is regarded as one of the best Castle Wars players of all time. He was one of the best flag defenders with an enemy team average score of 0.3. Once challenged by CWG, Ymca4Life and Nitemare719 single handedly defeated CWG and remained Castle Wars champs of W98.

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