Total level 2,736
Combat level 138
Started playing 2001-2002
Known for Being third on the overall hiscores for a long time; being first on the hiscores for over 4 months
Clan E

Yogosun is a well known RuneScape player who was first on the overall hiscores for over 4 months. He achieved his first 99 skill in Magic in November 2004, and was the first player to reach 200 million experience in three skills. Yogosun has been a member of several clans, including the clan Supreme Skillers and E.

RuneScape career

Yogosun was playing in a football (soccer) team, and some of his friends from it were playing a game they called "Run and Escape". When Yogosun asked them where he could try it, they told him to go to www.runandescape.com. After a few days, he discovered they were pronouncing the name incorrectly.[1]

Around a year later, he was surfing the web and trying to find something to do when he stumbled upon the game. He named his account Yogosun because he wanted to create a name that sounded Asian just for fun. His first level 99 skill was Magic, which he achieved on 6 November 2004, followed by 99 Ranged on 12 December 2004 and 99 Hitpoints (now known as Constitution) on 9 February 2005. He first reached the 200 million experience milestone in Cooking on 12 January 2007. He said in a 2007 interview that he finds RuneScape relaxing, and usually does other things while he plays it, such as watching videos or doing homework.[1]

After the release of Summoning, Yogosun achieved rank one on the hiscores, a position he retained for over four months. On 22 July 2008, he became the first player to reach 200 million experience in three skills, Fletching, Cooking and Thieving. Yogosun later stated on his YouTube channel that he lost some interest in the game when Jagex made an update that made him lose 50 million.[2] On 29 July 2011, he achieved a maxed overall level of 2,496.

Yogosun had an older YouTube channel that had more subscribers but was later hacked.


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