Nationality New Zealander
Started playing 2010
Influences CoolSpy0, Tehnoobshow
Achievements 2013 Golden Gnome Award
Known for YouTube videos
Clan Celestial Brothers

Zarakye (Also known as Isaac) is a RuneScape Videomaker. He is best known for his "Zombiescape" series and his "Old Willy" series. He also works alongside his head producer and longtime friend Rueinocity (whom he met on his first shoot in late 2010).


Zarakye started RuneScape Videomaking in 2010, with his early series entitled "Zarakye's Runescape Show" in which he would dress up in the default RuneScape attire and create a new storyline each episode.

After being inspired by CoolSpy0's "A Nightmare On Rune Street" Zarakye decided to give up on RuneScape comedy and pursue Horror instead.

Since Mid 2012, Zarakye has collaborated with longtime friend Dragan563 to create the "Old Willy" series. Each episode has it's own separate storyline, that evolves around a 92-Year-Old hobo who lives in the slums of Varrock.

Zarakye's Runescape Show Group Photo.jpg


In early 2013, Zarakye started shooting an unscripted RuneScape zombie horror with friend Dylan w139, which would later be known as "Zombiescape - Episode 1". It proved to be popular with the audience, and Episode 2 (Also unscripted) begun shooting a mere two weeks after Episode 1's release. But due to major problems on set with actors, and Zarakye's distaste of how the project looked, It was later cancelled.

In June, the project was picked up again, with plans of also shooting it back-to-back with an Episode 3. This plan was carried out, and Episode 2 was the first sequel to be released in early July. It was heavily panned for having a lack of storyline, which prompted Zarakye to delete the project and film an entirely new beginning, as well as remastering most of the voice-overs.

As for Episode 3 (which was the only sequel to be scripted), Zarakye stated that he wanted it to be more of a suspense drama, instead of an action horror. The episode explored more emotion elements compared to it's two processors. Exploring both the lead characters childhood, as well as touching on all the lives lost in previous episodes.

Both sequels were released in mid July.

The Trilogy would later go on to win a Golden Gnome award for "One To Watch".

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