Zarfot at Grand Exchange
Combat level 138
Nationality American
Ended playing 2010
Known for first to reach 200 million XP in Prayer
Clan AfroBros

Zarfot was one of the most popular players in RuneScape. Zarfot was known for being incredibly efficient and consistent. He reached 2.3 billion overall experience, which, at the time he was active, made him #2 in total experience rankings. He has level 99 in every skill except Divination and 111 in Dungeoneering. He used a popular YouTube channel, "Tofraz", which is his name backwards, but deleted it after quitting the game. Zarfot had a lengthy thread on the Official Runescape forums about his discovery of the in game time mechanic in Runescape called "ticks". Zarfot quit RuneScape in 2010, citing the introduction of ancient effigies and due to skills becoming easier to train and a number updates he disagreed with.

Zarfot also made a thread suggesting a Dark Bow drop for Dark Beasts on the Runescape forums, noting that the highest level slayer creature at the time had a very poor drop table.


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